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Bulk Transport Company East, Inc.

I used to rag on bitcoin for having "outdated tech" but the more I look into it the more I realise that the team behind them is still on of the most innovative and active in the space. I hear that repeated so much but it's a silly perspective imho. Bitcoin is money. It's not money because it has the best technology. I could fork a coin tomorrow with more features and "better" tech than bitcoin; that doesn't make its value above 0.

Technology never stops advancing; are consumers gonna switch coins ever year to the most advanced one? You don't want to worry about that with your money. Plus, if any great tech comes out then its features can be adapted for a later version of Ethereum if not Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is already Bitcoin and Ethereum is already the "good tech option that keeps with the times. Lifted us from depression. Can't deny them gains! I'm not big into BTC but as a policy I make sure to always have a bit of most popular shitcoins out there.

I hold none. Wish I pumped when it was discounted but I used my funds to diversify. I don't regret that. I'm about ready to hold and stop buying new coins and tokens so I might slowly start pumping some btc but I also wanna slowly pump ltc eth and neo. Not sure how I feel about LTC. Just seems But, of course, I still hold some. I'm a ltc holder because this fact. It has almost the same publicity as bitcoin not quite but it's listed on coinbase and is just better in every measurable way.

Every fund manager is wondering what to buy. They don't care about the tech. They care about the money. I am not arguing BTC is the king as its dominance still around due to it is the first entry point to crypto for a lot of people.

I consolidated some of my short term alts into it. Fucking morons still think bch and ltc are relevant. Anyways, you should hold BTC. It's still the leader. Meaning the next wave will go to BTC first and run it out of the atmosphere.

Then you can shop for cheap alts with better tech. Really stupid not to hold any bitcoin, and here is why. Bitcoin is still king, and will remain so for the next years. Sorry guys but the flippening is not happening just yet, big fan of ETH though. Although Bitcoin dominance decreased in the last 2 months its still the biggest and most safe crypto invesment you can make.

Still the main trading pair on exchanges and still the flag ship of the industry, and thats not gonna change any time soon. Everything moves with BTC, even your precious alt which doubled within a day will have a moving average compared or lower than bitcoin. Sidenote this is not the case for every crypto, there are some but most will follow the path of old papa BTC.

Most of your alts will not outperform bitcoin, they will do worse and you will lose out on potential value. Thats why it is so important to look at the satoshi value of your portfolio instead of the USD value. All that research you did, if you did any at all, will be for nothing if you just invested in bitcoin. It would have safed you time and gained you more money. Again, not true in some cases but in most of them it is.

Thats why only 15 percent of investors in stocks outperform the market. So if you are a TA expert and have some experience in the field, most of the time you will not beat the market. And thats why my portfolio still contains about percents bitcoin.

While it is popular it is also the most attacked coin. Some weeks ago if you dared say something nice about BTC you would be downvoted to oblivion. But BTC has also had the best recovery and has been growing with good certainty.

You're also more likely to spend it in real life than other coins. Lets say - 1 year. Iam curious about the conclusion but my year is far away from over :. I hope that the market will develop into a market where Bitcoin isn't the factor for green and red. Thanks for the feedback. I think the tech is now outdated compared to what's available now. However I still hold some given instutional investment will come to the most battle tested and well known crypto.

So I wouldnt be surprised to see it hit ATH soon. Interesting how many people in this thread are looking for an altcoin to make them rich and ignoring the older coins that made it through the first altcoin massacre.

Diversify yo, especially with a safe haven like btc. This sub is filled with a bunch of brainless teens. This sub is very anti-bitcoin partly because there have been very concerted anti-bitcoin FUD campaigns over the past two months. It'll be interesting as the months and years roll on to see if people regret taking huge risks on flavor of the month altcoins versus tried and tested bitcoin.

I'd imagine with coins like ETH moving to PoS and continuing to release more coins making it harder for them to ever reach the moon , people will eventually shift their understanding of the market. Coins with potential and wide use are great and all, but bitcoin is making even people that bought 2 or 3 years ago into millionaires. And as more coins are mined, the remaining coins are going to be worth more and more.

Overall point being, bitcoin is just figuring out how to improve, every other coin is figuring out how to exist. Adoption and technology doesn't always go hand in hand. Bitcoin has a wider audience. Even if lightning is inferior to other coins if it works people will use bitcoin. There is simply no other truly de-centralized coin with the critical mass and network effects that BTC has. It's as simple as that.

Think harder. The sooner you come to terms with that, the sooner you will stop yourself from making some utterly stupid mistakes, now and in the future. Honestly, for me at least Ethereum is the gateway to alts. It's pretty rare when I can't find an ETH pair. It's common. It's pretty silly too, imo. All of my alt holdings are anemic and BTC is the only one that is starting to show signs of recovery. I been doing the same for while. My consensus is that you should always have BTC in your portfolio.

We still know that Bitcoin is the gateway, bridge and "king" of crypto. In some or another it still represent the whole market. So for now I changed some of my trading strategies to always make sure a certain percentage of portfolio is bitcoin. This worked way better during this market crash as I could figure out a exit strategy somewhat easier and while also investing more into the projects I think will succeed.

Advise to hold a decent percentage in BTC. It may sound silly, but it's one of the most stable cryptos with largest volume and market depth. Not as easy to manipulate as most other cryptos.

There are usually much larger gains to be had in other coins. I hovered over buy the night before it mooned. Kill me in the face. I have never even bough BTC started trading in summer Did all my trades through Ethereum.

I don't really get the people saying you need to hold BTC because it's the "main thing". For me it has literally no use case and it's tech is obviously obsolete by now.

I don't care whether there is still potential for increase in value. People are going to have to use alt coins. I don't think you're alone. A lot of people I've gotten into crypto do little to no research, buy some alt coins make a few bucks and then tell me I'm an idiot for holding bitcoin. Buy BTC, as proven time again, it moves the entire market and it can pump when the rest of the market is stagnant.

It doesn't need to be exciting to be a solid investment. It has the best chance to be mainstream at this point. BTC is the original shitcoin. It's slow, it's expensive, and isn't actually good compared to the many alts that improve on it.

Why people a avoid bitcoin is beyond my scope of understanding. I expect some downvotes here. But diversity is a good thing. Also there are soooooo many developers working nonstop on things like lightning, Schnorrs sig. Bitcoin may not implement changes that quickly.

But the people involved are methodical and patient. And investors that are not willing to take 4 months to understand the intricacies of blockchain technology can comfortably buy some shares as a long term investment.

I do own a lot of altcoins myself. And on a side note. I was afraid my coins were gone! And it still took over an hour to transfer. I find it very hard to hold BTC after that experience. If I want something solid i'll hold ETH. I only buy eth and I use it to immediately buy alts. No desire to hold ETH, either. I held bitcoin back when I thought it actually worked. But it doesn't It's not usable as currency and it was never meant to be a store of value.

If you invest in Bitcoin, you are investing in the name, only Bitcoin is neither a good product nor does it have a valid use case anymore.

Maybe all it needs is a "name" to keep going up I think last year will repeat itself To me, it makes sense. The other coins seem like a better chance of getting a higher return, even if some of them are a gamble. BTC is a dinosaur coin with old outdated technology. It is slow, expensive and unreliable to use. This year is the year of the altcoins!!! You gotta have some bitcoin. I mean your just making a mistake to not hold bitcoin. It is a huge hedge in your portfolio despite volatility.

BTC sucks and I hate it but it essential to hedge your trading portfolio in times like this. Went through this whole thread, and saw no mention of PoW vs PoS. I mine that shit. I'll hold. Bitcoin is the face of crypto right now. It's worth is a brand name. Unless the LN makes waves! Our commitment…providing value added services to our customers and stakeholders by insuring safe, efficient and quality transportation with every load, every day while maintaining product integrity and striving for error free deliveries.

By providing open communications in all aspects of our service, we endeavor to meet our commitment in the areas of safety, quality and integrity. Office and Staff Positions. Driver-friendly, and Customer-Conscious!

Over 50 years of experience has earned us the trust of an industry and its drivers. Why BTC? Join Our Team! Click to Apply Now! See Our Open Positions. Drive With Us. Who Is BTC. Carrier Services.

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