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Dec 26,  · Doug Casey interviewed on Casey Research Justin: Doug, governments around the world seem to be waging a war on bitcoin. Do you see expect to see more of this in the years ahead? Jul 06,  · Doug Casey on Bitcoin, Part I By Doug Casey, founder, Casey Research In this article, I’d like to explain how I learned to love Bitcoin. Why it’s a wonderful thing. Jan 03,  · Doug Casey Discussions have been encouraged by the attention governments are directing toward Fedcoin. When the Bank of England released a paper (February ) that addressed the subject, the bitcoin-processing company Payment21 was not alone in asking, “Bank of England: Why might central banks issue digital currencies?”.

Doug casey bitcoin

Doug Casey: Protect Yourself in the Most Chaotic Decade (Video) - The Daily Coin

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We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Bitcoin passes the medium of exchange test for the moment and store of value test for the moment. But so does the Argentine peso, for the moment.

I have little confidence, however, Bitcoin will be here, say, five years from now. Buying cryptos is not like socking away gold coins. And the Internet—contrary to what people like Paul Krugman thought—was not itself a bubble.

Up till now, the only way to play this has been the coins, the tokens, like Bitcoin. There are perhaps a thousand of them out there now, and most of them are garbage. Including public mining companies, which is not germane to this article.

I am concerned about the market, which is very bubbly. One, as we discussed, is that some of the cryptos have great utility, and only about 25 million out of the 7 billion people in the world currently own them. I promise you that five years from now that number will be more like three billion.

Click here to reserve your spot today. Today, a reader responds to our mailbag from October 24 :. Kosta, your heart seems to be in the right place but I think you need to review the history of drug and alcohol abuse.

Until they were outlawed they were NOT widely abused. Millions of Americans suffer from severe chronic pain including this writer. Many are addicted to morphine or other drugs. No, I am not one of them because these drugs don't work for me. What does work is CBD [cannabidiol] which comes from both hemp and marijuana. Now that pot is legal in my state NV I can go down to the local pot shop and buy the CBD oil that allows me to get some sleep at night.

We need to eliminate the laws nationally so those suffering can find some relief. If the government gets some tax benefit, that is great too. Better them than the drug companies. A new feature? Seems as if they would have self-selected out of the distribution list by now.

And how they ever got on it in the first place is a mystery to me? To you too, I would imagine. Just read the responses to Doug's NFL interview. Doug proved his point on how many people are indoctrinated sheep and chimpanzees, I think they missed his point of view entirely, and yes I watch NFL games and prefer college over NFL. College is a much more diverse, respectful crowd of students, parents, alumni, marching band, all types of local members of the business community.

I truly appreciate his non-conformist, politically incorrect views. They are like a whiff of fresh air. No one else I know does this with such remarkable and intelligent consistency. I am German. Doug takes two references to the dark ages of the German past. And he is of course right about those points. Playing the national anthem at sporting events has a nice touch.

It shows people are indeed living in individual nations and not so much in faceless, globalized super nanny states. They could play for anyone and any nation, whoever pays the most. People in Europe are seriously considering not to have national teams any longer. So, what would it be then? Would people still cheer such teams? Sometimes I think, we should not take the dissolution of local entities too far.

We need units to identify with. I believe it will keep improving, rapidly. Aristotle defined the five characteristics of good money in the 4th century BC. His analysis is as accurate now as it was then.

A good money must be durable, divisible, convenient, consistent, and have use value in and of itself. Based on that, Aristotle believed gold and silver were best suited for use as money. How does Bitcoin compare using these five criteria? Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are definitely durable — unless we have a major electromagnetic pulse EMP or a significant solar flare that wipes out all the computers.

Bitcoin is infinitely divisible. Better than the physical metals, actually — although the metals can be accounted in tiny fractions too. Yes — as long as you have a smartphone, Bitcoin is very convenient. But your smartphone, or something like it, may not always be with you. And your counterparty also has to have one. Every Bitcoin is exactly like another one.

If you have a million US paper dollars, and nobody accepts them, they have no use in and of themselves — except as wall decorations or kindling. Fiat currencies can be easily destroyed by their issuers. The things are burning matches. They have half-lives, like radioactive elements. Sure, there were advantages to Bitcoin being a privately issued fiat currency. Bitcoin is certainly a fiat currency like the dollar or the Kwacha. You can move wealth from one country to another, or to another person, quickly and privately.

Better yet, you can do so outside of the banking system, which is increasingly important. Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoins, are just the first, and most obvious, application of blockchain technology.

Hopefully, among other things, blockchain and Bitcoin are going to destroy the SWIFT system, the vehicle for wiring money from one bank to another. SWIFT is used by thousands of banks around the world to send payment instructions worth trillions of dollars each day. So, this is one big use value of Bitcoin. It allows you to transfer something that is accepted as money outside of the banking system, privately, and outside of government fiat currencies. Bitcoin is well on the way to being accepted as money.

Doug Casey: Protect Yourself in the Most Chaotic Decade (Video) Daily Dispatch

Sep 30,  · Doug Casey: I was first introduced to them several years ago in Cafayate, Argentina. A lot of interesting people come through town. A young Belgian guy came to visit, and I bought him lunch, and we discussed bitcoin. He was a very early enthusiast. Dec 20,  · Via Casey Research Justin’s note: Central bankers are losing sleep over bitcoin. And they should be. It’s a direct threat to their monopoly on money. Because of this, they’re trying everything they can to crush bitcoin. They’re urging people not to buy it. They’re calling it a bubble. They’re even talking about launching their own. Nov 19,  · Doug Casey: Protect Yourself in the Most Chaotic Decade Video by Palisade Radio. Doug feels that bitcoin has excellent characteristics as money and also the utility of being able to transfer value without permission. Lastly, Doug discusses his novel series with his latest book being Assassin, being third in the series. Author: Palisade Radio. Tags:Up btc college allotment list, Was ist das bitcoin protokoll, Bitcoin et darknet, Merubah btc ke rupiah, Lanacoin bitcointalk

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