Btc vs bcc chart

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GBTC vs. Bitcoin Chart. The easiest way to track the price of GBTC is via TradingView. They have an excellent, easy to use chart. Also, it should be pointed out that GBTC functions like a traditional financial product in that it doesn’t trade during off-hours. That’s opposed to Bitcoin which trades 24/7. The GBTC/USD chart on TradingView. Since BCC has had multiple EDAs, it is able to generate 25 blocks/hour vs BTC 4 blocks/hour with the same hash power. Now what happens if the prices of BTC or BCC falls. 1) if the price of BTC falls (%), BCC becomes much more profitable and most of the hash power will move to BCC. For Bitcoin, there is a 21 million bitcoin limit imposed into the mathematical algorithm and this number can’t be increased. As for gold, the yearly new supply is limited to around 2, tons as the world gold supply dwindles or becomes harder to reach using modern gold mining techniques.

Btc vs bcc chart

Gold vs Bitcoin Chart: BTC Price in Gold (Updated Daily)

Beyond Technical Analysis Bitcoin Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin in recent days don't seem to follow much TA rationale. I wonder if the current bull trend we are seeing is due to the profitability wars between BTC and Bitcoin cash. I will put forth my understanding of the dynamics at play in this war.

To ensure that we have a constant creation of bitcoin in the face of increasing hashing power, the bitcoin network has Difficulty, which enforces a law of diminishing return vs hashing power. The Difficulty is recalculated every blocks, which takes about days at a rate of blocks an hour. At the rate of difficulty at the time of the fork, it would have take days to make one difficulty adjustment blocks. To prevent this nuclear winter,In addition to the above logic, BCC introduced a emergency difficulty adjustment EDA which will reduce difficulty not increase if it take more than 12 hours to generate 6 blocks.

Hence they both have roughly the same amount of hash power fork. Since BTC does not have EDA , it will go into a nuclear winter of its own and may possibly die due to low transactions and low miner profitability. There is a motive to prop up the price here as well, just not as much as BTC. The side effect of the EDA is that BCC will have breakneck speed for days followed by hours of very very poor speeds.

Gold can only theoretically be debased if a new enormous supply is found such as in an Asteroid or new revolutionary mining technology is discovered. These cases are improbable given current circumstances and hold very little counter party risk as control is largely outside the hands of a small group of individuals. Compare this to the interconnected and highly toxic financial assets and derivatives sector, where one countries monetary irresponsibility can have lasting ramifications on another see the European debt crisis.

The bank deposit confiscation in Cyprus, and the possible spreading to other countries, is another reminder that confiscation is still possible today. Anonymity and privacy in how we spend our money is a worry that people are increasingly placing importance on. Bitcoins allow a bunch of illegal activity to take place, and that can indeed be a negative in certain cases, but it can also be a huge plus for those living under regimes.

Bitcoin has an even more speculative birth despite just coming into being some 11 years ago. A mysterious person by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto is the creator of Bitcoin. However before Bitcoin made it to the big time, this mysterious person or group disappeared from the forums where he was frequently spotted making contributions and since has never appeared anywhere. Conspiracies suggest everything from the creator being a secret government organization to a group of people to some famous person.

For Bitcoin, while the mining might not be physical in nature, the computing power needed to solve the mathematical problems that unlock new Bitcoins takes real world resources to generate. Since value is subjective, nothing technically has 'intrinsic value', however the term is sometimes used to mean that a good can be used in some industrial setting.

Gold certainly fills that definition since it used in jewellery and as a conductor in electronics throughout the world. That's because Gold is a very unique element that is malleable, ductile, noble and non-corrosive. Bitcoin does not have an industrial use like gold so it cannot be said to have 'intrinsic value' in this scenario. Bitcoins can be rounded to 8 decimal places, known as a Satoshi, and there is room in the code to increase these decimal places even further.

Any amount of value can easily be separated, sent or received which provides immense convenience when used as a currency. Gold is also technically flexible enough to separate into many pieces like recent gold credit cards that can be breakable into little pieces called gold combibars. We could have World War 3, colossal financial crises, or any external event that you can think of and gold would still be regarded highly. There is also the possibility that Bitcoin will break due to an unknown bug or be out competed by better technology in the future.

Bitcoins can be sent across the globe to a region with no banking structure at any time of the day for practically free - and that is something that no other major currency can claim to have at this point.

Even gold coins have become nearly unusable because of their sheer worth and which is why even silver is often quoted as a better currency than gold.

Yet the differences also highlight the different purposes that gold and Bitcoin serve, with gold a good wealth preserver money while Bitcoin a better means of exchange currency. Humans and governments are proving incapable of managing money. Perhaps it's time to let more stable sources like nature gold and math Bitcoin have a crack at solving this mess instead of supposed human ingenuity that is susceptible to mistakes, manipulation, corruption, greed, and other selfish human characteristics.

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A great explanation of liquidity traps can be found in this video.

BTC vs BCC profitability war Bitcoin Charts

It is an analogue, but not a precise one, for Bitcoins (aka BTC). The most obvious difference is that the block size in the underlying blockchains of BCC is 8MB rather that the 1MB which BTC uses. This ‘promises’ greater utility for BCC users. We move fast. Send us your email, we'll make sure you never miss a thing! Bitcoin - Bitcoin Cash Chart (BTC/BCH) Conversion rate for Bitcoin to BCH for today is BCH It has a current circulating supply of Million coins and a total volume exchanged of BCH,, Tags:Bitcoin value this morning, Bitcoin split trading limited, Bitcoin converter in euro, Bitcoin network fee too high, What site to buy bitcoin

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