Btc torque ring

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Torque rings provide API threaded and coupled connections (BTC,LTC,STC,EUE) with greater torsional strength and provide the following benefits: ​Improved torsional capacity to connection enabling rotation of casing strings for reaming or drilling Improved flow characteristics within a casing or tubing string. Jun 11,  · Buttress Thread Casing (BTC) API SPEC 5B working ring or plug size, threads per inch and taper per foot chart. Torques Ring Delta Torque Weight Wall ID MIN OPT MAX ID Torque MIN (kg/m) Grade (mm) (mm) (N-m) (N-m) (N-m) (mm) (N-m) (N-m) API Casing 8-ROUND SHORT Threads mm H 1, 1, J 1, 1, 1, K 1, 1, 1, J .

Btc torque ring

ERA Oilfield Services - Torque Rings

The torque shoulder covers J-area, minimizing turbulence and erosion generated by flow during fracking and production. Enhanced Seal Ring option available. A leading oil and gas company, who reinforced the alliance with Tenaris signing its second long-term agreement in , was looking for answers to optimize operations and ensure better results in a thermal project, located two hours south of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.

Workstrings are expected to fulfil multiple tasks. Our premium connections respond to varied and unexpected operating conditions after several make-ups and break-outs. Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling in shales require specifically designed connections and steel grades that can withstand extreme torque operations.

Drilling with casing and tubing has become a reliable alternative to conventional drilling. Our connections withstand additional torque and present outstanding fatigue resistance. Offshore medium service severity projects require cost-effective and environmentally efficient solutions that guarantee performance and well integrity.

High service severity projects in water depths of more than 10, ft. High bottom hole temperatures, thermal cycles, high well-head steam pressure conditions require connections with high compression ratings, corrosion resistant steel grades with high yield strength. When facing high temperatures and pressures, operators need proprietary sour service grades, CAL-IV co,nnections, extra heavy wall products and high performance materials.

We provide a complete tubular package suitable to multiple challenges typical of Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage or Cyclic Steam Stimulation processes. In mature fields cost-effective solutions are a top priority. Our products provide reliable performance, helping to extend the life of the well. We offer a wide array of expert services to support our customers in well planning, supply chain integration and well integrity; enhanced by a suite of digital tools.

TenarisHydril Wedge Series connections provide exceptional torque performance and are recognized as the most robust and fastest running connections in the market.

Tenaris fully integrated solutions for conductor and surface casing. Save money. Our FCR rings are solid and made from the very same casing material that you are running in the hole.

This means you dont actually need fancy install tools in order to seat and form the ring into its correct shape under pressure. Our rings are already exactly formed. Yes we provide tools for installation as well and advise these are used for high volume projects as options. Wider Applications. These have been applied in both heavy oil ESP pump situations to reduce pump stresses and in high volume gas producers to reduce errosion and extend completion screen life cycle.

Torque Rings. Thank you for contacting us!

TORQUE by Crown Ring Workstrings

Buttress or LTC threaded outer diameter allows the ring to internally lock into the "J” space of the collar, like that of a normal connection. The resulting positive shoulder allows the customer to achieve higher torque values and extended thread life during casing running operations. Proven, cost-effective, BTC compatible connection with extra torque and % compression capacity. Extensive track record in unconventional and other applications. Torque by Crown Ring is the alternative and contemporary metals collection by Crown Ring. Choose from Cobalt, Cobalt & Gold, Tungsten Carbide, Black Ceramic, Titanium or Black Cobalt. review, How to buy bitcoin through paypal, Btcf case, Qr code bitcoin generator, Working bitcoin card

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