Bitcoin gold mining best gpu

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The most profitable Bitcoin GOLD mining pool for GPU and ASIC. Regular payments, tutorials, reliable servers, rig monitoring bot. Fully compatible with Nicehash. The GTX Ti is easily the best graphics card for Bitcoin Gold. With an incredible H/s, a miner with multiple Ti’s will easily net an extremely high profit margin. Though with so much power there are some drawbacks. The Ti costs over $ making this a graphics card that is only bought by hardcore enthusiasts. Best Mining Rig Hardware For Bitcoin Gold. Best GPU to mine Bitcoin Gold. GTX Ti - Sol/sGTX Sol/sGTX Sol/sGTX Sol/s MSI GTX TI GAMING X MSI GTX TI GAMING X. MSI GTX TI GAMING X Video Graphic Cards List Price: $ Price Disclaimer Gigabyte AORUS GeForce GTX Ti Gigabyte AORUS GeForce GTX.

Bitcoin gold mining best gpu

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However, PCPP does not allow you to add multiple graphics cards, and this can be problematic because you might not know how large of a power supply you will need. Multiply this number by the amount of graphics cards you will use, and add this number to the power draw of the auxiliary components given by PCPP. After choosing a power supply, check the connectors that come with it. One popular configuration is using two Watt power supplies, as you will have many extra PCI power cables for the graphics cards, as well as plenty of molex cables for the risers.

Though it is recommended to run multiple powerful video cards for mining Bitcoin Gold, you are not required to run any. It is technically possible to mine BTG on your processor, however compared to a dedicated graphics card, a processor is very slow and will not net even mediocre mining rewards.

To mine Bitcoin Gold you will need the right software to do it. This software will connect your computer to the network or pool, and begin hashing. Here is a list of Bitcoin Gold compatible miners:. Keep in mind that installing other mining software will follow a very similar installation process. Go to the download page that you can find here: Bitcointalk. Find the download link and download the latest version of the mining software. Sometimes when downloading the software your antivirus will tell you that the file is infected, this is often a false flag, and can be avoided by downloading the file as a.

Create a new simple text document inside the folder and add this:. If you use multiple miners you can use this to label each miner and monitor them on the pool website. I will introduce the different wallets and pools you can use in the next sections. Your final file will look something like this:. Double click the. The Linux installation for the EWBF miner is a bit more complicated, but Linux can often provide more stability and sometimes even greater performance as opposed to the Windows variant.

The following steps are done on the Ubuntu distribution of Linux. Open Terminal. You will then be prompted to enter your password. Text should start appearing inside of the Terminal window. You will soon be prompted to press [Enter] to continue. Press enter and wait for the command to finish processing. Next, you will have to install the latest NVidia drivers for your system from the repository we just added. Enter this command into the Terminal window:. Many lines of code will start appearing on the screen.

These are all the different updates that are being downloaded. This step may take some time. One that step is finished, you will have to add another toolkit for the NVidia drivers in the Terminal window and enter:. This step will also take quite a while, but once it has finished you can move on to next step. You can install it with this command:. Once it has finished downloading, you will have to enable your graphics cards to be monitored, and that is done through the following command:.

Once you have finished all the steps above you will have to reboot your system, simply type reboot inside of the Terminal window.

Simply go to this link and install the latest version of the EWBF miner. Extract the folder to an accessible location and open it. This is a script which acts similarly to a windows. And a blank window will now appear. Inside the window you will have to input:. There will now be a new file inside the folder. The final step before your computer can start mining is for you to start both the miner and the start. To do this, open a Terminal window inside of the folder and type:.

After inputting this command, finally type:. And if you have followed all of the steps correctly, your computer will begin mining Bitcoin Gold. At the moment, there are only three wallets that are planned to support Bitcoin Gold, and these wallets are:. To mine Bitcoin Gold you will need a wallet to store all of those mined coins. Mobile wallets are the most accessible since you can view your balance no matter where you are as long as you have your phone on you.

Here I will be showing you how to install the Coinomi Wallet for Android. Open the app once it has finished downloading. The app will then ask you to either restore or create a new wallet.

If you create a new wallet you will be asked to write down a seed, this seed is in case you accidentally uninstall the app or lose your phone.

The seed will help you restore your wallet so you can access all of your stored coins. If you want to import a wallet, you will be asked to import the seed. Once you have created a wallet you will be asked to select a wallet to add. Scroll down until you locate Bitcoin Gold. You can use this address to receive BTG.

Inside of your. If you leave the spaces in the address you will not receive any of your mined BTG. If you only have one miner, it would be a wise decision to choose pool mining over solo mining so that your payouts will become more consistent. Also, if you have a weak miner, solo mining may not work at all for you.

Here is a list of pools which will support Bitcoin Gold:. Joining a pool is simple. These example configurations will contain the server link and the port to mine to.

Below is an example configuration found on pool. Once you have added these changes to your. You can view the Bitcoin Gold shares your miner has collected through the pools website. Input the Bitcoin Gold address you are mining to, and the pool will remotely show you your current hashrate and pending balance, however you can also view your current hashrate locally just by looking at the miners CMD or Terminal window. Solo mining is much more demanding than pool mining if you want consistent payouts because you will have to compete against every other pool and solo miner on the Bitcoin Gold network.

There is also the very real possibility that you will never mine a block, especially if you are running a very weak system. Solo mining usually requires a very large investment, and multiple systems, with multiple graphics cards in each one.

The easiest way to support Bitcoin Gold is by setting up and running your own Bitcoin Gold node. At the moment this can only be done through Linux. This service will allow you to setup a Linux machine on a cloud server. To use Digital Ocean you will have to create a droplet. After creating it you will receive access details in an email. Once you have logged in you can start using the Linux droplet, and start building your Bitcoin Gold node. Since BTG is a fork of Bitcoin, only its block timing and block reward are the same, i.

Monero is one of my favorite cryptocurrencies because it pioneered the era of private money in the cryptosphere. Monero is also open-source private money for people who want extreme transactional privacy at all times. This gives Monero a serious usecase and probable long life.

Also recently many new wallets to store Monero safely are launched. Monero is based on the CryptoNightV8 proof of work algorithm and generates 3. It is, of course, the fork of Ethereum itself but tags itself as a stable and bug-free version of Ethereum. It is so because it is complicated for developers to build on a dynamic platform like Ethereum which is continuously evolving.

Ubiq has also changed its block time and block reward to 1. Bitcoin Diamond is another Bitcoin hard fork that happened early this year to overcome the so-called shortcomings of Bitcoin. BCH has a block reward of BCH which is released every 8 minutes or so to a successful block miner who is mining it using BCD proof of work algorithm.

The Aion Network is a multi-tier blockchain system designed to address scalability, privacy, and interoperability which the decentralized applications of today face. On the other hand, it has the lowest block timing 10 seconds amongst all the GPU mineable coins listed here, so you can expect to get 1. Energi is undoubtedly one of the most profitable GPU mineable cryptocurrency right now, but I would not mine it for now. As a result, it is tough that this coin will survive for long but anyways, for now, anyone who decides to mine it can expect 2.

Pirl is a community based decentralized cryptocurrency that introduces the first Ethash Based Masternode to the blockchain ecosystem. Pirl aims to hit the usecase of decentralized currency, applications, and governance.

Pirl is sometimes mistaken as Ethereum, but it is not, and neither had an ICO before. Metaverse is another decentralized public blockchain from China and aims to facilitate a low-cost transfer of digital assets, properties, and identities. And as I have said earlier this is not for serious miners as there fairly low chances of this project to take-off in the long run. This is because there several other platforms trying to achieve the same goal and are in a much better state than Metaverse.

It has its cryptocurrency called EXP based on Ethash proof of work which fuels this blockchain platform and is easily mineable using GPUs. The project is decent, and thus some serious miners can look at with a future expectation of price appreciation for the coins they mine now.

So for the miners, Expanse has a block time of 45 seconds where it generates 4 EXP every block for a successful block mine. Musicoin is the blockchain platform of musicians, and it has its native cryptocurrency MUSIC which is designed for musicians. Using this digital currency MUSIC musicians can be paid directly and instantly, without intermediaries thereby receiving their fair share. I have listed these GPU mineable coins in order of their usecase and probable longevity because I believe for a serious miner this should be the focus.

It is so because when you are mining a cryptocurrency, the best thing to do is to mine a cryptocurrency that is moderately profitable at that point and has a chance to appreciate in the future. This way as a miner you will be able to amass a lot of coins when the hashrate is low and benefit later from the price appreciation also.

But usually, this is the mindset of value miners and other profit drive miners who keep jumping from one currency to another almost certainly run out of the fuel to be in the mining business. Now its time that you tell us: Are you mining cryptocurrencies with your GPU? Which coins are you mining? The best is still Ethash based ones. Thanks for the insight. I already have a coinpot wallet. What would be your advice as i want to diversify my mining even though am a beginner.

Never heard of Coinpot. As the saying goes, it takes money to make money. This is only TRUE in reality if you have the right guide and significant capital to start with. The sad truth is that you are running out of time to invest in bitcoin.

Unfortunately, most beginners learn hard lessons and go broke because of scammers and lack of detailed information.. Hi Thanks for helpful content before I setup my miner, I wanna calculate my customized GPU miner profit on different cryptocurrency, do you recommended any website or tools for this?

I would not recommend PIRL as a top coin. This once ideal coin should be looked at with skepticism until changes. It installs onto a 2gig usb key, and boots direct to miner.

This is an alternate use for modern computers not being currently used.. The computer will not serve any other function while running RagerX from my limited experience with it anyhow — it released at the beginning of December

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The Bitcoin gold gpu mining calculator blockchain is a public You'll refuse to decide in advance how much of your portfolio you demand to assign to cryptocurrency. With Recent advances, particularly in the price of Bitcoin gold gpu mining calculator, it can be difficult to gather a rational resolution. Aug 23,  · 3. Best Bitcoin mining software CGminer. Pros: Supports GPU/FPGA/ASIC mining, Popular (frequently updated). Cons: Textual interface. Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux Going strong for many years, CGminer is still one of the most popular GPU/FPGA/ASIC mining software available. CGminer is a command line application written in C. It’s also cross platform, meaning you can use it . The most profitable Bitcoin GOLD mining pool for GPU and ASIC. Regular payments, tutorials, reliable servers, rig monitoring bot. Fully compatible with Nicehash. Tags:Bitcoin to stellar lumens exchange, Lumino btc, Valor bitcoin caiu, Iota bitcoin killer, Easy btc mining

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