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Quote from: Jemzx00 on December 27, , PM. Just want to ask something were can we possibly test those codes? December 29, , AM. Quote from: darklus on December 28, , PM. I When we want to reproduce the image in the BBCode we have to remember a few very important Forum's BBCode principles: Personally I've tested many different methods and I'm sure that the best method is to manually draw an image pixel by pixel.

After almost 3 years of experience with BBCode signatures designs, I'm sure that if we want our signature to be highly compatible with different operating systems and web browsers we should use a characters in size 2pt while creating a BBCode image for a signature. Which is most compatible for different web browsers and different operating systems. Why I don't use 2px or 1pt or 1px? If everyone will use Google Chrome, then it's pretty cool to use 2px, 1px or something smaller than 2pt.

You can possibly get more details in your BBCode images. Unfortunately the characters smaller than 2pt used in the BBCode signatures will looks stretchy or will shrink too much on different web browsers and operating systems which means that in reality the signature looks good for a smaller part of the visitors.

As mentioned in lesson But how to draw a nice one with it? The patience and a bit of artistic sense will lead us to our goal You need to practice and experiment with it to feel it. Remember about max. Quote from: roslinpl on December 29, , AM. I : After almost 3 years of experience with BBCode signatures designs, I'm sure that if we want our signature to be highly compatible with different operating systems and web browsers we should use a characters in size 2pt while creating a BBCode image for a signature.

December 29, , PM. Lesson 6: Colors To change the color of BBCode signature design elements simply add a color attribute. LINE Code:. December 30, , AM. I will not just read and follow for now this thread but I will comment and wanted to say thanks for this roslinpl what a very helpful tutorial, gonna follow this thread until you will teach us what you know I hope so. Kudos roslinpl!

I will stay tune for more tutorials, happy holidays! OP but if I have no option to draw the code pixel by pixel,or have no talent in drawing things everything I draw looks like a piece of sh January 06, , AM. With graphic editors I was drawing squares with gradient backgrounds and then manually and after placing guide lines all in same distance from each other I was able to pick up needed colors with a color picker.

Write a message, choose number of colors and set the output code to 'Standard Forum Code'. Press 'generate color faded text' and it's done almost. Example: Quote. Quote from: blockman on December 30, , AM. Quote from: veleten on December 30, , AM. I want to master this. Since signatures are in demand here. I will be good sideline to make some extra income.

Thank you for tutorials roslinpl and more tutorials to come. Its a bit hard because im not good at codes. But still im willing to do this anyway. Quote from: Dmitry. Vastov on January 06, , AM. January 07, , PM. Let say that we want to create a signature which will looks like: Quote. My Firefox A screenshot from the OP: On the left: Chromium. On the right: Firefox. It's been like this for as long as I can remember. My own signature doesn't show correctly either.

Adjusting zoom-settings doesn't matter. I prefer using Firefox though. Am I the only one with this problem? Freelancing the right price - live preview. January 17, , PM. I think there was some kind of premium tool to generating code automatically without manual work.

But I didn't find it. By the way. Is it possible to make a BBcodes could move like Gif format? Quote from: youdacapt on January 17, , PM. January 22, , PM. Quote from: roslinpl on January 07, , PM. January 23, , PM. Quote from: veleten on January 22, , PM. Hero Member Online Activity: Merit: Nice tutorials rosinpl! With this trick it is easier to make complex designs faster and it is better than pixel by pixel imo.

Hope you like it! Check is out here :. Quote from: apoorvlathey on January 23, , PM. Bit Dice. Cold Wallet Storage using Up To 0. February 11, , AM. February 11, , PM. I would like to appreciate roslinple and all other who sharing experience and tutorials, I will read and watch all tutorials and try to participate in signature designing contests too. Thank You so much. Powered by.. This is very helpful. I studied some basic coding more than a decade ago but i'll try to read this when needed.

I leave a message so I can easily track this. Thanks for the share. Much appreciated. Transforming Venture Capital. February 15, , AM.

Thank you for this thread, very useful tutorials maybe I can use it for future reference. February 15, , PM. Quote from: Diced90 on February 11, , AM.

Member Offline Activity: 56 Merit: 0. February 16, , AM. Thank you very much man, this was a great tutorial, I am new here but from the begining I was interested about how to create bbcode signature. Personal communication of draft by e-mail. Cumming, K. Report on blockchain: Applications and implications. Recordkeeping Roundtable. Curry, I. An introduction to cryptography and digital signatures. Findlay, C. Decentralised and inviolate: the blockchain and digital archives. Garderen, P. Blockchain and digital preservation.

Presentation at Simon Fraser University [Video file]. ISO Space data and information transfer systems — Audit and certification of trustworthy digital repositories. Geneva: ISO. Information and documentation — Records management — Part 1: Concepts and principles. Long-term preservation of electronic document-based information. Kohnfelder, L. Towards a practical public key cryptosystem. Lea, T. Introductory course — The power of the blockchain.

What is blockchain? Lemieux, V. Trusting records: Is blockchain technology the answer? Records Management Journal, 26 2 , pp. Li, V. ABA Journal, 3 , p. Pedro, F. Understanding Bitcoin: Cryptography, engineering and economics.

RFC Internet X. Rouse, M. Digital signature. Proof of concept POC. Ruggieri, F. Security in digital data preservation. Stamou, K. Preliminary requirements on trusted third parties for service transactions in cloud environments. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Wirdum, A.

Bitcoin Magazine. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

The preservation of digital signatures on the blockchain Bitcoin Plays a Role in Humanitarian Assistance

Oct 31,  · PENJUALAN TOKEN ACE SEDANG BERLANGSUNG! BONUS EARLY BIRD ATAU INVESTOR AWAL TERSEDIA! Kami telah meluncurkan penjualan token ACE membawa agensi manajemen bakat berbasis blockchain pertama ke dunia! Bergabung lebih awal untuk mendapat bonus pembayaran sampai 50% dan ekstra bonus 40% untuk konversi pertama dari ACE token kedalam . The blockchain is a distributed network that records digital transactions on a publicly-accessible ledger. This paper explores whether blockchain technology is a suitable platform for the preservation of digital signatures and key pairs (public and private keys). Conventional infrastructures use digital certificates, issued by certification authorities, to declare the authentication of key Author: Stephen Thompson. aubert arwin Ikuedowoni shaverma WarunaFerang Riqelme azzza Pandu Gleen civilufo jaksone momochi Nimy79 derrick Anarchy SLUK07 Capt!an J@ck shamanama YI terrence23 samrajyacoin szammeh malcomxman viper93m Klmnop INUMEN gasthausamflughafen.des Voxterra SKJPS deez dee thanglk manfromafar luka27 Hadiyudhapermana agng27 zaky85 Trihadi. Tags:Bitcoin bloodbath, Bitcoin vadeli islemler ne zaman, Bitcoin dagbladet, Bitcoin impot.gouv, Earn satoshi bitcointalk

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